Our goal is to become a true partner for axe-throwing venues. The least we can do is offer you discounts to make equipment more accessible. But that’s not all. We also aim to advertise for you as much as we can. We are also working on designing and producing better, cheaper, and more durable (and repairable) throwing axe equipment for our catalogue.

Discounts for Axe-Throwing Venues

Our discounts are divided into two categories: unconditional and conditional. If you are an axe-throwing venue, we offer you a discount upon request. But if you agree to help us develop our shop by advertising for us, we will double this discount.

Professional Discounts

If you are an axe-throwing venue and wish to benefit from a discounted account in our shop, simply fill out the form available at the bottom of this page. Once your account is activated, you can enjoy the following discounts:

On the entire shop: 2.5%
On FlySteel and HDL axes: 10%

Partner Discounts

If you are an axe-throwing venue and agree to advertise for us on your website with a discreet link to ours, simply fill out the form available at the bottom of this page. You can then enjoy the following discounts:

On the entire shop: 5%
On FlySteel and HDL axes: 20%

These discounts apply in addition to any other discounts already present on the site.
Please note that discounts and/or conditions may change over time. You will be notified by email in case of any changes.

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FlySteel and HDL Axes

The initial project was not to get into the production of axes. But we quickly realized that there were some gaps in the equipment we wanted to fill. Managing the production of certain models ourselves also allows us to offer you more advantageous prices by reducing intermediaries.

The FlySteel Norse Thrower

A tomahawk with a 45cm conical Hickory handle. A head drilled on both sides and ready to be bolted onto the handle (bolt and nut provided). The handles are strong and easy to replace.

This is a great tomahawk that combines durability with comfort when throwing.

The HDL Starter

The HDL Starter is an inexpensive small hatchet. It is a version adapted for throwing that you can find in DIY stores.

In terms of durability, it is not as good as the FlySteel tomahawk. Replacing the handles is also more difficult than on a conical handle tomahawk.

The HDL Forged Thrower

The HDL Forged Thrower is a hatchet with a one-piece metal handle. So there is no need to worry about replacing handles. But that doesn’t mean they won’t wear out.

The grips don’t really hold up and the handles tend to bend. But the advantage is that they remain throwable despite this.

The HDL Flat Thrower

The HDL Flat Thrower is a first attempt at “flat” axes, laser-cut. They are not perfect, the handles are a bit too long and too hollow. They bend quite easily.

But they are not bad at all for a professional activity. They throw very well even with a bent handle and they are fun. Especially the double!


The FlySteel Flat Thrower (available in December)

A complete range of flat axes is coming with a new concept: all models are produced by two different manufacturers.

There will therefore be two different origins but also two qualities of steel and finishing.

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If you want to benefit from the unconditional discount, simply return the following form to us. If you want to benefit from the additional discount for partners, we ask you to add a small advertisement to your website with a link pointing to our site. You can use our downloadable logo below or create your own visual. We won’t be picky about how it’s done. This step must be taken before returning the form to us.

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